Man Who Dressed as Grim Reaper to Protest Beach Reopenings Now Attends Crowded Protests

Man Who Dressed as Grim Reaper to Protest Beach Reopenings Now Attends Crowded Protests

Just last month Florida Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder dressed up as the Grim Reaper and headed to the newly-reopened beaches in an attempt to shame those who dared leave their house.

Despite the warm weather and no-crowding whatsoever (meaning that everyone was still effectively social distancing), the pointless political stunt ended up getting covered in the media. As you can see from video footage covering his media-encouraged-harassment, only a handful of people could even be seen on the beaches.

Regardless, the adult man in a costume explained that “I think it’s premature of opening our beaches. I’m a huge proponent of public beaches, and I’ve been fighting for that for years, but I think the danger of bringing people here to our area, and spreading the virus… and I think it’s gonna prolong to recovery we have.”

Yet when it’s people crowding the streets by the hundreds of thousands for the “right” cause, his tune changed overnight.

As Fox News reported:

In recent days, Daniel Uhlfelder has posted several photographs and videos to his Twitter account of himself attending crowded protests held in response to the death of George Floyd.

“Defuniak springs, Florida. Huge crowd. Stay hopeful and stay strong,” he posted Sunday from a rally in the Florida panhandle.

One has to truly admire the absolute lack of cognitive dissonance this man is experiencing.

In back-to-back tweets he’s chastised Florida’s governor for having “blood on his hands” (despite arguably doing a better job than any other Governor at combating the virus), then praised the hundreds of thousands of protesters who gathered in Washington D.C.

Also of note, the criticism of Florida was posted the day before he himself posted a photo of him alongside a crowded group of protesters.

As I pointed out elsewhere, for every unarmed black man killed by police last year, there were 11,800 Americans killed by coronavirus in the past three months. The number of additional deaths these sort of protests will likely result in from increased infections far exceed the number of deaths that the police will be responsible for (under all circumstances) in many years to come.

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