Mark Meadows Sends Criminal Referral to DOJ for Nellie Ohr

Mark Meadows Sends Criminal Referral to DOJ for Nellie Ohr

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) sent a criminal referral to the Department of Justice for Nellie Ohr–who once conducted research for Fusion GPS and is the wife of DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

The referral states that congressional committees are concerned that Ohr ” knowingly provided false testimony in violation of 18 U.S.C.§1001.”

The document notes that during her October 2018 congressional testimony, Ohr said she “would not have any knowledge of what [was] going on in an ongoing investigation” at DOJ and would not “have any knowledge of the Department of Justice’s investigations on Russia.”

Ohr also denied sharing her research on Russian organized crime and Donald Trump with individuals outside of Fusion GPS, her husband, and Christopher Steele.

However, the referral states, documents reviewed by congressional investigators are now raising concerns that “Ms. Ohr not only had knowledge of an ongoing DOJ investigation, but that she shared information and research on Russian organized crime to assist DOJ, in direct contradiction with her testimony.”

“For example, in March 2016, DOJ official Lisa Holtyn sent Bruce Ohr an email asking if Nellie would be able to speak with Ivana Nizich and Joe Wheatley to discuss her research as part of an ongoing investigation as she was told ‘Nellie might be a great resource.’ When Mr. Ohr checked if
Nellie would feel comfortable speaking with DOJ, Nellie emailed ‘Sure!'”

The Hill’s John Solomon reported yesterday about Ohr’s suspicious communications.

Meadows told Solomon, “Ms. Ohr used her time at the opposition research firm to place information directly in the hands of investigators, it would be a severe conflict of interest. Contrary to Ms. Ohr’s congressional testimony, it appears that she funneled research gathered during her time at Fusion GPS directly to the DOJ. A draft of a criminal referral for giving false testimony to Congress is currently being reviewed.”

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