Texas Gunman Fired From his Job Hours Before Shooting Rampage that Left 7 Dead and 22 Injured

Texas Gunman Fired From his Job Hours Before Shooting Rampage that Left 7 Dead and 22 Injured

A shooting rampage occurred over the holiday weekend leaving seven people dead and 22 severely injured. Among the injured is a 17-month-old girl, Anderson Davis, who suffered “shrapnel in her right chest and has a hole through her bottom lip and tongue after being shot in the face” reports NBC News.

The horror began on Saturday when a suspect in a gold Honda was stopped between Midland and Odessa, Texas. The Gunman shot the trooper who pulled him over and “continued west to Odessa, where he shot multiple others, according to Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke.”

At one point, the suspect abandoned his vehicle and stone a United States Postal Service van and drove around shooting people randomly until eventually he was killed in a shootout with police near a movie theater.

One witness said the shooter fired repeatedly at her car while she, her husband and two-year-old grandson ran errands. The witness said the shooter appeared “crazed.” “His hair was disheveled, she said, and he seemed ‘amped up.” The witness said she was confused at first when she saw a large gun pointed at her. She honked her horn and floored the gas.

Once she sped off she heard three more shots, thankfully all missed her car. The terror did not end there. “A roughly one-mile chase followed…with the shooter pulling up beside her car.” Luckily she shook him at a traffic light.

Three law enforcement sources familiar with the case told NBC News the suspect is a 36-year-old man who had recently been fired from his job. “Officials described the suspect as a white male in his mid-30’s who appeared to have a criminal history…there is no known motive at this point in the investigation, officials said Sunday, but they added this did not seem to be an act of either domestic or international terror.”

Fox News reported that the gunman had been fired from his trucking job just hours before the mass murders occurred. Additionally, authorities said “15 separate locations had been designated crime scenes.”

President Trump thanked Texas Law Enforcement and First Responders on twitter:

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