Matt Walsh Torches Loudoun County School Board

Matt Walsh Torches Loudoun County School Board
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Last night established Virginia resident Matt Walsh called out the Loudoun County school board over their controversial “transgender policy.”

Walsh spoke after the board implemented extreme obstacles to prevent individuals from addressing the board because they were tired of listening to the concerns of sane people.

They only gave Walsh 60-seconds to speak, and he didn’t waste a moment to unleash. “I would thank you all for allowing me to speak tonight but you tried not to allow it. Yet, here I am,” Walsh opened with.

“Now you only give us 60 seconds, so let me get to the point. You are all child abusers. You prey upon impressionable children and indoctrinate them into your insane ideological cult. A cult which holds many fanatical views, but none so deranged as the idea that boys are girls and girls are boys” he continued. “By imposing this vile nonsense on students to the point even forcing a young girl to share locker rooms with boys, you deprive these kids of safety and privacy and something more fundamental, too–which is truth. If education is not grounded in truth then it is worthless. Worse, it is poison.”

“You are poison. You are predators. I can see why you try to stop us from speaking. You know that your ideas are indefensible. You silence the opposing side because you have no argument. You can only hide under your beds like pathetic little gutless cowards, hoping we’ll shut up and go away. But we won’t. I promise you that,” Walsh concluded.

Watch below:

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