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Mayorkas: "We've Done an Extraordinary Job Dealing With Immigration"

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 05/29/2024
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During an interview with CBS News, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed that the Biden Administration has “done an extraordinary job to deal with an unprecedented level of migration.” Mayorkas added that the immigration crisis was due to external factors unrelated to the administration's policies. “If we take a look at migration, not just at our southern border, but in context, the level of migration throughout the hemisphere is unprecedented,” stated Mayorkas.

However, as Mike Miller points out in Red State, “Mayorkas left out the part that much of the ‘migration’ throughout the hemisphere is composed of future illegals making their way to the United States because of this administration's intentional lack of enforcement of existing U.S. immigration law.”

Later in the interview, Mayorkas attempted to justify the illegal immigration crisis by discussing human suffering abroad. “The reasons why people leave their countries of origin are those with which we are quite familiar,” said Mayorkas. “Extraordinary poverty, violence, extreme weather events, corruption, suppression by authoritarian regimes.” 

None of that matters. The United States is accountable to the American people. It is their job to protect citizens by thoroughly vetting people who cross our borders. As Miller writes, “The reasons [why people leave their countries of origin] DO NOT compel the U.S. to throw open its borders and allow millions of illegals to simply walk in.”

Of course, the open border catastrophe may very well be sincerely considered an “extraordinary” success to Mayorkas and other Democrats. The great replacement theory isn’t a conspiracy theory. Indeed, Democrats are constantly reminding us that mass immigration is turning the country blue, which is far more important to Democrats than the safety and general well-being of actual American citizens.  
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