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DHS Secretary Mayorkas Makes Damning Admission While Defending Biden's Border Policies

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 06/12/2024
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Is he confessing or bragging?

Not long after Joe Biden decided to pretend to care about border security by issuing an executive order that has gone nothing to strengthen border security and slow the tsunami of illegals into our country, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that the administration is actively taking steps to boost illegal immigration. 

Speaking of so-called asylum speakers on ABC News, Mayorkas told host Martha Raddatz “What the president said then is what we are living today. We are allowing individuals to access asylum through the ports of entry, pursuant to a program that we developed. We are allowing people to access asylum if they come from the countries of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela.”

He later explained how the administration is catalyzing these so-called asylum seekers’ journeys; “We have increased the number of refugees that we will accept from the Western Hemisphere. We have built safe mobility offices in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, to reach people where they are so they don't have to take the perilous journey. We are doing so very much to maintain the integrity of our asylum process…”

Mayorkas claims that this is to “disincentivize people” from risking their lives trying to reach the southern border, when in reality it’s to encourage more illegal immigration under the guise of accepting refugees or asylum seekers. 

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