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Meadows Bombshell: “Sitting Ambassadors” Involved in DOJ Takedown of Trump

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Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) dropped a bombshell last night and revealed to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that “sitting ambassadors” were involved in the DOJ/FBI takedown of President Trump.

Discussing upcoming information to be released, Meadows said, “It’s additional information that is coming out that will show not only was there no collusion, but there was a coordinated effort to take this president down. We talk about the ‘Deep State.’ There are players now, even ambassadors, that are sitting ambassadors that were involved in part of this with the FBI-DOJ.”

The Congressman continued, “As we look at this, it’s time to show that we show the American people what’s out there, declassify some of those documents. I think when the American people see what I’ve seen, they will judge for themselves and know that this has all been a hoax.”

Watch last night’s interview with Hannity below:

*Note: This article has been updated to clarify that Meadows said “sitting ambassadors” not “U.S. ambassadors” were involved in the DOJ/FBI attempted takedown of President Trump.

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