Media Called Witnesses a “Distraction” and “Sham” During Clinton Impeachment

Media Called Witnesses a “Distraction” and “Sham” During Clinton Impeachment

The Senate trail commences shortly – and we all know exactly how it’s going to end. The likelihood that the Senate will vote to remove President Donald Trump from office has increasingly inched closer and closer to zero throughout this whole ordeal already.

So what is left for Democrats to do? Aside from try to build brand equity by turning the trial into a circus, not much.

Unable to find any concrete evidence of wrongdoing thus far, introducing witnesses has been the latest strategy among Democrats to keep the show on the road. A number of the House managers for the trail have appeared on Sunday talk shows to urge the Senate to allow new witnesses and evidence during the trial. Among them have been Reps. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Hakeem Jeffries, and Jason Crow. Sen. Chuck Schumer has promised to “force votes on witnesses and documents.” They are all opposed to Hunter Biden being a witness, of course.

The pundits at CNN, MSNBC, and similar outlets have all backed the calls for new witnesses.

While this is hardly shocking news – the Democrat and media establishment are all hypocrites. When it was Bill Clinton being impeached, their rhetoric on allowing witnesses was the polar opposite. The Media Research Center put together a brief compilation below – and the quote at the end couldn’t be more applicable to today.


Nothing is going right for Democrats when it comes to impeachment. Not only are they going to fail to remove Trump from office, they’ve already failed in their PR battle.

Support for impeaching Trump fell precipitously from the day the inquiry was announced – finally turning net negative the day of the House vote. Trump’s approval rating was also boosted to a higher level than Obama at the same point of his presidency on the day of the impeachment vote.

So bleak are the prospects for impeachment that few Democrat voters are even kidding themselves at this point. Nearly three out of four of them don’t think Trump will be removed from office, and the other one in four are deluding themselves.

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