Media’s Trump Coverage Now 100% Negative During Impeachment Hysteria

Media’s Trump Coverage Now 100% Negative During Impeachment Hysteria

We’ve finally hit peak media bias .

The Media Research Center has analyzed coverage of the impeachment hearings among the mainstream media networks, and coverage of the Trump defense has been 100% negative. Unless they can figure out a way to report 110% negative news, media bias has hit a ceiling amidst the impeachment hysteria.

As Nicholas Fondacaro writes: ABC, CBS, and NBC did not live up to the standard they demanded of Republicans. They gave Democrats double the airtime and showered their arguments with mostly praise, while expressing only criticism of the President’s legal team.

Between Wednesday, January 22, when Democratic House impeachment managers launched their opening arguments, and Tuesday, January 28, when the President’s defense team rested, evening newscast reporters and anchors made a total of 34 evaluative statements about the merits and effectiveness of both sides. 

Democratic impeachment managers received a total of 21 evaluative statements from ABC, CBS, and NBC journalists. Of that total, 95 percent of those (20) touted their efforts and presentations, which means only one of their evaluative comments were negative. ABC’s World News Tonight had eight positive comments, CBS Evening News had five, and NBC Nightly News seven. NBC had the lone negative comment. In stark contrast, every evaluative statement from reporters and anchors about the merits and effectiveness of Trump’s defense team were negative. Of the 13 total statements, ABC and CBS each had five with NBC pitching in with three

The MRC’s studies found 90% of all mainstream media coverage related to Trump in 2018 to be negative, and their most recent prior study from earlier this month found that bias had thus far increased to 93% negative coverage thanks to the impeachment circus. It didn’t take long for them to max out at 100% negative coverage.

On the bright side, nobody is watching, and nobody cares. Impeachment has been a ratings dud for the media, and a recent poll found that more Americans believe impeachment will help Trump in the upcoming election than hurt.

And that’s despite 100% negative coverage in the media.


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