Megyn Kelly Rips Joe Biden’s Suggestion He’s a Uniter After MAGA Fans Were Smeared For 4 Years

Megyn Kelly Rips Joe Biden’s Suggestion He’s a Uniter After MAGA Fans Were Smeared For 4 Years

Megyn Kelly slammed Joe Biden’s calls for unity in a series of tweets after half the country was attacked for supporting Donald Trump.

Democrats always say they want “unity” the moment they win an election and by “unity,” they mean everyone needs to do exactly what they say. They’re pursuing the same kind of “unity” they have in North Korea. Numerous other conservatives had the same take as Megyn Kelly and Matt Walsh made a particularly good point.

Let’s see. Democrats spent four years of accusing not just Trump, but all his supporters of being racist. They falsely accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. They falsely accused Trump of collaborating with Russia to win in 2016. They censored conservatives at every opportunity. They’ve spent the summer literally rioting in the streets because America is supposedly so awful and systematically racist. They’re already planning out enemies lists of people that opposed them and….what? We’re supposed to forget about all that and cooperate to do what exactly? Pursue a far-left agenda designed to elevate socialism and permanently transform America into a more politically correct version of Venezuela?  What exactly is there about the Democratic agenda that should excite conservatives? The tax increases? The breakdown of law and order? The gun bans? The unnecessary lockdowns and demands that men and women share the same bathroom?

No thank you. Unity is nice, but it requires people who disagree to still share basic values and treat each other like well-meaning human beings. That’s far too heavy of a lift for liberals so there isn’t going to be any “unity” now or any time in the foreseeable future.

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