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Men Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Self-Defense Against Antifa

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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For as much as Antifa may hate America’s criminal justice system, they’re getting a pass from it.

This story begins in October of 2018, when a handful of conservatives gathered at an event hosting at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Republican Club. The day before the event, antifa vandals damaged the club, spray painting the doors, gluing the locks shut, breaking windows, and leaving a threatening note. The note read, in part “Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize.” What they were protesting was essentially a comedy show put on by shock jock conservative Gavin McInnes.

As promised, antifa did show up. They attacked a journalist and stole his equipment (and got away with it) as people left the event. A group of antifa members who had been dispersed then circled the block and ambushed a group of members of the “Proud Boys” (a men’s club founded by McInnes) who were being escorted to the subway by the police. Antifa had just ran into one problem – their targets fought back, and won.

Following a bizarre trial that included testimony from activist Sandi Bachom, who has worked with witches to cast hexes on Trump, two of the men acting in self-defense were sentenced to four years in prison as a result of the brief brawl. The two, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman, were charged with “assault with a deadly weapon” – the weapons being a boot, and a utility knife that was in one’s pockets but was never used. It’s ridiculous in light of the context – but judge Mark Dwyer saw that as a fitting sentence. He proclaimed that the men were “soldiers doing McInnes’ bidding,” and said that the political fighting reminded him of 1930s Europe. All over a comedy show.

It’s hardly the only controversial sentence Dwyer has given in his career. In July of 2014, Judge Dwyer imposed a two-year sentence on a man who pled guilty to eight counts of sexual abuse with children. The man ended up being released eight months early.

While not at the hands of the same judge, a NYC pimp who kept the head of his girlfriend in a freezer was sentenced for four years. This is Bill de Blasio and Chris Cuomo’s New York – violent criminals get a pass while Trump supporters get the book thrown at them.

Another case for worth highlighting is one that shows what occurs when the reverse happens. On the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration in 2018, a 56-year-old Jewish man leaving a pro-Trump party held by internet personality Mike Cernovich was randomly assaulted by an antifa member and beaten into suffering cardiac arrest. He was rushed to the hospital and nearly died. The assailant then attacked police while they attempted to stop him. That thug got only an eighteen month sentence.

The aforementioned dual four-year sentences were handed down in October of 2019, but the story isn’t over yet, and another miscarriage of justice is in the works.

Now, a third man who acted in self-defense that night is set to go on trial, and it’s looking like it’ll be another witch hunt. As McInnes writes: David Kuriakose is about to go on trial. We believe his trial was separated from Max and John’s because he is brown and that hurts the “white supremacist” narrative. We also believe the courts and the media hid the fact that John’s family is black because that too hurts their story. None of these men are Nazis. They are Trump supporters and that is their crime.

In shaping their narrative during the initial trial, the media neglected to report that John Kinsman is married to an African-American woman (and has a mixed race child) as they attempted to portray him as a violent racist.

And all of this is political. Following the initial scuffle, the losing-antifa members told police to get lost, and the Proud Boys went on their way. It wasn’t until the following day when Chris Cuomo decided he could politicize the entire matter by making a public case out of the ordeal.

Meanwhile, in the age of New York’s bail reform, actual criminals are set free without any concern for the consequences.




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