Michigan Democrats Plan to Censure State Rep. Who Thanked Trump For Saving Her Life

Michigan Democrats Plan to Censure State Rep. Who Thanked Trump For Saving Her Life

Last month, we reported that Michigan State Karen Whitsett, a Democrat representing Detroit, thanked President Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine as treatment for the Wuhan virus, which ended up saving her life.

Now, her own party wants to punish her for it by censoring her. Because they’re the party of tolerance, or so we’re told.

The Daily Caller reported that “[A]t the end of the day, we have political systems,” said Jonathan Kinloch, chairman of the [13th Congressional District Democratic Party] organization, according to The Detroit News. “We have political parties, and political parties exist for a reason.” Apparently the reason for their existence is to allow for no diversity of thought?

Again quoting the Daily Caller, the censure resolution would bar Whitsett from receiving the group’s endorsement in the next election, and would also be bar her from participating in activities with the group for two years.

Presumably, the Democrats would rather Whitsett have the virus than recover from a medicine just because Trump endorsed it.

Whitsett tweeted this in response:

Upon hearing the news of the censure, Trump tweeted:

All should take this as a lesson that if you don’t tow the Left’s line 100%, they will hate you no matter what. We must realize who they are and what they want—they are totalitarian tyrants who want nothing other than power and control over everyone.

Oh, and hating Trump, even at the potential expense of a life.

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