Michigan Governor Scolds Dem Rep. Who Thanked Trump for Saving Her Life

Michigan Governor Scolds Dem Rep. Who Thanked Trump for Saving Her Life

Karen Whitsett, the Michigan State Representative who recovered from the coronavirus thanks hydroxychloroquine, told Tucker Carlson on Friday night that Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been sending her “unpleasant” text messages for committing the apparent sin of thanking Trump for saving her life.

As Rep. Whitsett put it, highlighting the absurdity of the situation, “I didn’t know thank you belongs to one political party over another and that if you were in one party, you could not say thank you to another person. I had no idea.”

From Townhall:

Tucker Carlson asked Whitsett if the governor ever called the representative to simply say, “I’m so glad you didn’t die?”

“Actually, it was not as pleasant as that,” Rep. Whitsett began, “and the text messages that we have had since then have not been as pleasant as well.”

Rep. Whitsett said she “didn’t know ‘thank you’ belonged to one political party over another,” and said she will continue to speak out against the governor or any other person who stands in the way of Michiganders getting access to the medicine and equipment they need to survive the disease.


Whitsett now faces censure from her own local Democrat party as well, merely for being a decent person and thanking the President.

Meanwhile, Whitmer initially severely restricted prescribing hydroxychloroquine, seemingly for political purposes, only to reverse course and ask the federal government for the drug after severe backlash. Whitmer, as we’ve reported extensively about, has also implemented draconian lockdown policies and brushed off protests as “political rallies.” And while Whitmer has seen rebuke from her own Democrat party, there hasn’t even been talk of anything close to a censure.


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