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Michigan Governor Suddenly "Loses Connection" During Interview When Asked About Hunter Biden Trial

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 06/10/2024
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Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer experienced some awfully convenient technical difficulties during a remote interview with CNN over the weekend once the questioning shifted to being about the Hunter Biden trial. 

When CNN’s Dana Bash asked Whitmer about the charges Hunter faces, including lying on the background check and illegal possession of the firearm, she replied “Dana, are you there?” 

A few seconds before asking if Bash was still there, she quickly looked to her right and then back. While asking Bash if she was still there, she quickly looked back to the right again. Some online have speculated that someone off screen was signaling to Whitmer not to engage with the questions, but that’s speculation for now, of course. 

After Bash replied that she was still there, Whitmer looked increasingly frantic, and began looking to her left as well. This does seem particularly bizarre for someone experiencing audio issues. One thing we don’t know about Bash’s show is if those she interviews remotely can see her during the interview. Some TV networks have their remote guests speak into the camera in interviews that are thus audio-only for the guest, while other networks allow the guest to see a live feed of themselves on TV during the interview so they can see the host. If Whitmer’s is in the later category, it would make even less sense that she’d react the way she did, as it would be immediately obvious she’s facing an audio issue. 

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