Months Ago, Kamala Said Protesters Should “Not Let Up”

Months Ago, Kamala Said Protesters Should “Not Let Up”

In the last week, we’ve seen Democrats frantically try to denounce the nationwide riots that have been destroying American cities over the last four months. And it’s obvious why they’re doing this now—because, as we’ve reported, the Democrats’ polling has cratered.

As such, before they realized that Americans really don’t like looting, arson and mobs, the Democrats either made no mention of the riots or said that they were “mostly peaceful.”

Some, including Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, even laughed them off:



It may come as a shock to the Left, but most Americans don’t think it’s funny that cities are being burned, that people are being beaten and that businesses are being destroyed.

So why do these Democrat politicians, especially one that wants to be next-in-line to the Presidency, side with lawlessness, anarchy and violence?

The reason is that the Democrat Party sees common cause with the rioters. They are all radicals who want to burn down the system that is the United States and everything it stands for. They may disagree on means, but the ends are the same for the Leftist politician as they are for the Leftist community activist.

And no matter how much they try to walk it back now, we all see the Democrat Party for what it truly is.

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