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Most 2020 Dems Opposed Open Borders – Until Trump Became President

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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From day one, then-candidate Donald Trump made fighting illegal immigration the bedrock upon which he built his campaign – and the rest is history.

Rather than learn from Trump’s ability to hone in on concerns Americans had that politicians refused to address, Democrats instead decided that taking the exact opposite stance would be a viable strategy.

Depressingly, the Democrat Party’s newfound embrace of open borders isn’t because party leaders and their 2020 candidates don’t know better. They themselves know the consequences of illegal immigration and once railed against them – until Trump became president.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders deserves credit for at least holding onto his anti-open borders stance throughout the 2016 campaign season. In 2015, the far-left “Vox” headlined an article documenting what they call Sanders’ ugly “fear of immigrant labor.” In it they note that he had called open borders a “Koch brothers proposal.”

In an interview with Vox, Sanders went as far as to say that that it’s “right-wing people in this county [who would] love [an] open-border policy.” He continued “[They want to] Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour, that would be great for them. I don’t believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country.”

He even opposed guest workers. In a 2007 interview with Lou Dobbs, Sanders said “I don’t know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country as guest workers who will work for lower wages than American workers and drive wages down even lower than they are now.”

Sanders now claims to have much such comments “250 years ago.”

I thought his consistency over the years was part of his appeal to his supporters? Apparently not on this issue.

Amy Klobuchar

In 2006, Klobuchar blasted George W. Bush – for not doing enough to fight illegal immigration.

“I do believe that we need more resources at the border, and that includes a fence. We have people waiting to come in legally, thousands of people waiting to come in legally to this country, and we have people coming in illegally — that’s not right. We need to get order at the border.”

Klobuchar did argue that illegals who have been in the country for a number of years should be able to stay, but contingent on them learning English first.

Klobuchar now doesn’t believe English should be the official language of the U.S.

Joe Biden

While a presidential candidate in 2007, Biden vowed to ban sanctuary cities. When asked if he would allow sanctuary cities to ignore federal laws, he replied with a “no,” and argued for more federal enforcement.

He then blasted the Bush administration for not doing enough to fund immigration enforcement.

He’d also defended the millions of deportations that occurred under Obama’s presidency – up until a week ago, and now says he wants a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens.

Tom Steyer


And Some Bonus Contenders…

Barack Obama

In 2005, then Senator Barack Obama said “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the U.S., undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”

Bill Clinton 

And Bill Clinton just sounds downright Trumpian on the issue:

Only Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren have been ideologically consistent on the issue – and that’s because they’ve always supported open borders. Pete Buttigieg hasn’t made any public statements on illegal immigration policy before running for president.

The rest know just how disastrous they are as a policy, but are on board with it regardless simply because Trump is against it. I’d like to see Trump declare that “1+1=2” just to see how these people react.

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