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Most Americans Say They Would Pay More for Products NOT Made in China

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The media’s politicization of the Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t resonated well with most Americans. Both Republicans and Independents have a net-negative opinion of the media’s Coroanvirus coverage, while only Democrats have a net favorable view (because it confirms their bias/hysteria).

Among the most egregious attempts at politicizing the virus has come from those branding it the “Trump Virus,” as the New York Times has. In their world it’s politically incorrect to call a virus that originated in China, and whose spread was covered up by the Chinese government, a Chinese virus (or Wuhan virus) – but it’s fair game to call it the “Trump virus.” Go figure.

For as much as the media would like to deflect all blame away from China, their efforts haven’t worked on most of the American public. Support for economically nationalist policies has soared in recent months, as has disdain for anything that would help China economically.

According to the District Herald:

A whopping 78 percent of Americans say that they are willing to pay more to avoid buying products made in China.
Additionally, 40 percent say that they will no longer be buying Chinese products.

The poll conducted conducted May 12-14 by FTI Consulting found that 55 percent of Americans do not believe that China will follow through on their trade-deal commitments to buy more US products. Additionally, 66 percent favor raising restrictions over the pursuit of free trade deals to boost the economy.

President Donald Trump has floated severing ties with China in recent weeks, telling Fox Business that “there are many things we could do — we could cut off the whole relationship.” He has also suggested reducing the number of visas available to Chinese students.

Hopefully this means they’ll be buying American instead – we need it now more than ever.

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