While the media tries to distract the nation from, well, everything and instead focus on a baseless attempt to impeach President Trump, let’s not forget about the real victims suffering from real consequences of their government’s actions.

In the storm of the non-whistleblower whistleblower story, a group of grieving mothers were not adequately heard on Capitol Hill. The group, called ‘Angel Moms’ consists of mothers whose children were killed by illegal aliens. The mothers travelled to D.C. this week to tell those who support open borders are co-conspirators in these horrific deaths they have endured.


One mother, Vicki Lyons said politicians who support illegal aliens and sanctuary city policies that protect them from deportation are “co-conspirators” in deaths like her daughter’s, who was killed in 2001 when she was hit by al illegal alien. “Congress must act now,” she continued:

To every politician and law enforcement agency and the organizations who are harboring and protecting these illegal alien fugitives, you are co-conspirators and you are complicit for our American children’s deaths. You have blood on your hands. You took an oath to protect all Americans. How many more legal American parents will you allow to identify their child’s body in a morgue?

Watch Video of Press Conference: Breitbart