MSNBC Wants Robert Mueller to Investigate “GOP-SCOTUS Collusion”

MSNBC Wants Robert Mueller to Investigate “GOP-SCOTUS Collusion”
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Apparently unaware that liberal folk hero Robert Mueller found zero evidence of collusion when it came to the Trump campaign and Russia, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace suggested that he turn his attention towards investigating non-existent collusion between the GOP and the Supreme Court.

“What I don’t understand is that the Republicans have revealed themselves over and over and over again. If you want to know how radical today’s GOP is, it’s so radical that the man picked by my old boss [former President George W. Bush], Chief Justice John Roberts, sided with the liberals on the Court in the Texas abortion ban,” Wallace said. “And what Joyce [one of the panelists] just described, I don’t know the legal term, but it sounds a whole lot like collusion between Republican-dominated, right-wing centric legislatures and the far-right members of the United States Supreme Court.”

And because mythical “collusion” is afoot here, the liberal savior whose special councel never accomplished anything was then invoked: “Whether it’s a crime, or whether it’s real, maybe [Robert] Mueller will look into it.”

Watch below:

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