N.Y.C. Passes 1,000 Shootings This Year

N.Y.C. Passes 1,000 Shootings This Year

On Sunday, NYPD data indicated that New York City passed 1,000 shootings for the year. It also stated that nearly 10 people were gun violence victims every single day over the last four weeks, according to the New York Post.

The Post reports that:

With four more months left in 2020, New York City logged 1,004 shootings as of Aug. 30, according to NYPD data released Monday. Last year, there had been just 537 by that time.

It is the first time the city has eclipsed the benchmark in gun violence since 2015, when 1,138 shootings were recorded for the entire year.

The Post continues:

The city has seen 13 straight weeks of surging gun violence — with 375 more shootings and 499 more victims compared to the same time last year.

There were 277 shooting victims logged over the 28 days ending Aug. 30 — meaning on average, nearly 10 people per day were shot, NYPD data shows.

Maybe the awful mayor De Blasio should focus on this rather than defunding the police or painting murals in front of Trump Tower.

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