NBA Commissioner Wants “Mutual Respect” With China

NBA Commissioner Wants “Mutual Respect” With China

Last fall, the NBA and China had a rift when Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey showed support for freedom for the people of Hong Kong. This led to the Chinese government wanting Morey fired, and many, including the brave social justice warrior LeBron James, implied support for the Chinese Communist Party over the freedom fighters.

This brings us to this week, where NBA commissioner Adam Silver told Time Magazine reporter Sean Gregory after being asked about the present-day relationship between the league and China:

You know, as I’ve said before, you know, we come to China with a certain set of core American values and principles. And I understand also they have a different form of government. And they have a different view of how things have been done, how things should be done. And hopefully, we can find mutual respect for each other.

If by a “different form of government,” Silver means a totalitarian, Communist dictatorship that puts religious minorities in concentration camps, forces abortions and unleashes pandemics upon the world, then sure. A regime that kills between 40-80 million people during its “Great Leap Forward” and massacres its citizens in Tiananmen Square is definitely a different form of government than the Constitutional republic that is the United States.

What a shame that Silver and the NBA will overlook the horrible human rights abuses by the evil Chinese communists over the last century just to keep the NBA solvent there.

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