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Nearly Half of Attendees at Trump’s Ohio Rally Were Independents or Democrats

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The 2020 election is right around the corner, and Democrats have no clear candidate that can defeat President Donald Trump.

A Firehouse/Optimus poll right before Christmas tossed a hump of coal into the Democrat candidates’ stockings, showing that Trump is leading all of them in battleground states.

As we reported at the time, the poll “reveals the President is polling ahead of Democrat candidates in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In Michigan, the President is ahead of Biden by five percentage points, Sanders by six points, Warren by nine points, Buttigieg by eleven points, and Bloomberg by eleven points. In Pennsylvania, President Trump beats Biden by four points, Bloomberg by four points, Buttigieg by six points, Warren by seven points and Sanders by eleven points. In Wisconsin, President Trump crushes every Democrat candidates by double-digits except for Biden. President Trump is nine points ahead of Biden in the state, eleven points ahead of Buttigieg, twelve points ahead of Warren, twelve points ahead of Bloomberg and thirteen points ahead of Sanders.”

Even in states like Virginia, which voted Democrat in the past three presidential election (and has a Democrat Governor and State Legislature), Trump is polling ahead of all the major Dem contenders except Joe Biden (who has a narrow lead).

And there’s another good omen – Trump’s rallies are seeing massive turnout, and an increasing share of Democrats and Independents make up the audience. According to Red State’s Elizabeth Vaughn:

Brad Parscale, the manager of the Trump campaign, is very data-driven and, following most rallies, he reports statistics about the attendees. I have posted about this after previous rallies. On average, 23% of rally goers identify as Democrats. For Toledo, OH, this number was 21.9%.

The really stunning stat from this rally, which Parscale has never reported on before, is that 20.9% of attendees identified as Independents.

This means that 42.8% of the 22,927 voters were either a Democrat or an Independent. 

Parscale’s data shows that of the 22,927 voters at the rally, 18,210 were from Ohio. The city of Toledo lies on the Michigan border. So, the remaining 4,717 likely came from Michigan, a blue wall state.

Ohio has reliably been a barometer of the nation’s opinion in national elections, as evidenced by the presidential candidate that has won it in every election since 1964 also winning the presidency.

Despite attempting to tarnish Trump’s reputation with impeachment, Trump has only become more popular throughout the proceedings (and literally rallied into impeachment the night the vote was held). His campaign survived being spied on, and his presidency survived the faux “Russiagate” and “Ukrainegate” scandals. If that didn’t work, what do Democrats have left up their sleeve? Nothing that appeals to independents, that’s for sure.

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