Nearly Half of U.S. Counties Are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Nearly Half of U.S. Counties Are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries
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Thousands of counties nationwide saw so-called “sanctuary cities” springing up to defy federal immigration law, and asked themselves why they wouldn’t to the same to fight gun control.

In just 2020 alone over 400 local governments, mostly counties, adopted resolutions declaring themselves to be “Second Amendment sanctuaries” in defiance of future gun control legislation. Many resolutions are symbolic, while others specify that no government resources will be used to enforce additional gun laws.

According to data compiled by the great David Tripp on and, 46% of all U.S. counties are now sanctuary cities. According to the sites’ webmaster Noah Davis: “There are 1,459 Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, out of a total of 3,144 counties, but I’m still tallying them right now… but they’re happening so fast, and I’m just one person in Virginia.”

This isn’t to say that nearly half of the country lives in a second amendment sanctuary, as most of these sanctuaries tend to be in rural areas. Half of the country lives in coastal counties, and even a single country like Los Angeles has more population than the smallest 1,200 counties combined.

In April 2021 alone, the Governors of Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and West Virginia all signed bills to make them “sanctuary states” for the second amendment.

Matt Palumbo is the author of Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New YorkDebunk This: Shattering Liberal Lies, and Spygate

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