Networks Lie that NRA Banned Guns at Annual Convention

Authored by: Matt Palumbo

Every year during the Conservative Political Action Conference there’s at least a couple liberal outlets pointing out that firearms are banned at the conference, with the obvious intent of claiming an example of conservative hypocrisy. It’s truly incredible to see the story come to life year after year, as few journalists apparently bothered to check that it’s The Gaylord’s (the hotel that CPAC is usually hosted at) anti-gun policy, not CPAC’s.

You’d think that if a journalist was going to report on supposed hypocrisy at a conservative conference, they’d at least contact the conference, right? Not in the case of CPAC – and not when a similar claim was made regarding the NRA’s annual convention.  Originating with a tweet from from Parkland survivor and activist Cameron Kasky on April 28th, the claim that the NRA would be banning firearms at their convention quickly picked up steam, and countless publications ran with the story, including The Hill, Slate, Politico, CBS, the BBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, USA Today, and others.

Nobody bothered to look into the claim except the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra, who contacted the U.S. Secret Service. The Secret Service confirmed that it was because of their policies, not the NRAs, that guns would not be allowed in the room during Pence’s and Trump’s speeches. That’s almost exactly what the NRA statement that Kasky was quoting from said, but not he, nor any journalists, bothered to acknowledge that key fact in their stories on “NRA hypocrisy.”

Guns are still allowed everywhere else during the convention, so the “NRA bans guns” headlines aren’t even remotely accurate for that reason either.

Even if the NRA were responsible for the prohibition on firearms during Trump and Pence’s speech, it goes without saying that the two will be protected by the Secret Service…. with guns. Do you know who else was protected with guns? Cameron Kasky, and hundreds of thousands of others during the pro-gun control “March for Our Lives.”

You know what you call a march like that?

A parody of itself.


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