Nevada Votes to Upend Electoral College

Nevada Votes to Upend Electoral College

The Nevada senate voted in favor of a bill that would enable the state to cast its electoral vote in favor of the popular vote winner in presidential elections.

The Washington Times reports:

Assembly Bill 186, which passed the Senate on a 12-8 vote, would bring Nevada into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement between participating states to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote.

If signed as expected by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak, Nevada would become the 16th jurisdiction to join the compact, along with 14 states and the District of Columbia. The compact would take effect after states totaling 270 electoral votes, and with Nevada, the total would reach 195.

Last week, the Maine Senate approved a National Popular Vote bill and sent it to the House legislature. Oregon’s bill has been approved by its Senate as well, and a House committee held a hearing on the bill earlier this week.

New Mexico, Delaware and Colorado also joined the compact and “other Democrat-controlled states are poised to follow.”

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