New Jersey Governor Blames Trump for His Own Incompetence

New Jersey Governor Blames Trump for His Own Incompetence

If you know anything about New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s response to the coronavirus, you couldn’t be faulted for thinking that Murphy’s Law is named after him.

New Jersey suffered more deaths per-capita than any other state in the country, and if New Jersey were a country of its own, it would have more coronavirus deaths per-capita than any on Earth. As of writing New Jersey had 180 coronavirus deaths per 100,000 people, while states maligned in the media like Florida had 55.

And for his failures, Murphy blames Donald Trump.

As News 12 New Jersey reports, following the not-at-all explosive revelation from Bob Woodward that Trump didn’t want to install panic in the American public regarding the coronavirus:

Gov. Murphy says had he known, he would have taken a more aggressive approach. “If we had known that earlier, we would have shut the state earlier,” says Gov. Murphy. “We would have gone to a mandatory masking policy earlier. We would have had a stay at home mandate put in place, all of which we did and we did as early as any American state, but we would have done it earlier and undoubtedly would’ve saved lives.”

So in the words of Murphy, he may have been among the first to implement various protective measures… but he would’ve done it even sooner had only the President who he vehemently opposes told him to. I think we’re all aware that if Trump had been alarmist on the coronavirus earlier in the year the media would’ve accused him of fear-mongering, as it seems a good deal of media coverage nowadays is to simply take the opposite position as the president.

And Murphy knows this. Back in April he visited the White House to praise Trump for his response to the coroanvirus. “I want to again thank the president for an extraordinary spirit of partnership across the whole spectrum of our needs,” Murphy said to President Trump. “I thank you for the enormous help in our darkest hour of need. Ventilators, as you can see, PPE, testing sites — now I think we’re going to be in a very good place, thanks to you and your team, as it relates to expanding testing dramatically so that we’ll be able to begin to take those steps to reopen.” And now that Murphy has been a catastrophic failing in handling the virus he’s arguing the opposite because it’s political convenient.

Like New York, New Jersey implemented the insane policy of freeing up space in hospitals by sending coronavirus patients to nursing homes. Nursing homes house 1% of New Jersey’s population, but were responsible for at least 40% of the state’s coronavirus deaths. Sweden notably didn’t have a lockdown but did implement some social distancing measures and aggressively protected their elderly population. The New York Times referred to Sweden as a “cautionary tale” because they had far more deaths than their neighbors in Scandinavia – but it’s also true that New Jersey has suffered more than three times as many deaths per capita as Sweden has.

How can Murphy blame a delayed lockdown for New Jersey’s death toll when it has over three times the deaths as a country that never had one? As common sense would suggest, a state or nation’s performance in preventing coronavirus deaths mainly boils down to how well they can protect those most vulnerable to the virus (mainly the elderly), and Murphy did a godawful job at that.

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