New York Dem Congressman Calls for Blacklist of People Who Disagree With Him

New York Dem Congressman Calls for Blacklist of People Who Disagree With Him

This article is authored by Mitchell Nemeth

The list of Democrats who want to put you on a list continues to grow.

The latest is New York Congressman Tom Suozzi (D), a Congressman you’ve likely never heard of before. Representative Suozzi represents Long Island, and if you support one particular provision of the Trump tax cuts, he wants you on a list. 

Congressman Suozzi’s insane calls are alarming and yet expected. Given that members of Suozzi’s party have also called for lists of “Trump sycophants,” this is just the latest iteration in a long-standing effort to expunge conservatives from polite society. Suozzi said the following “We have to get organized and start holding these elected officials who are consciously undermining our state to account.” According to the New York Post, Suozzi’s sense of urgency was inspired by a story about Goldman Sachs potentially abandoning the hostile state of New York “for a friendlier tax code.”

A paywalled article on Politico revealed that by “holding these elected officials” to account, he means putting them on a list. A screenshot of the relevant portion of that article is below:

Suozzi has been a vocal proponent of eliminating the $10,000 cap on deductions of state and local tax from federal taxes, commonly referred to as SALT.

Earlier this year, the left-leaning Brookings Institution, of all places, called for the elimination of the deduction in its entirety. Brookings researchers demonstrated that elimination of the $10,000 cap on deductions “would massively favor the rich, with most of the benefit going to the top one percent;” nearly 96 percent “of the benefits of SALT cap repeal would go to the top quintile” of earners.

Deductions like the SALT deduction allow wealthy New Yorkers to avoid the true brunt of New York’s high state and local taxes combined with high federal taxes while pushing the remaining burden to individuals in states and localities with less punitive taxes. Blue state elected officials like Mr. Suozzi do not care to admit that it is the fault of Tammany Hall-like progressives for allowing the state to be overburdened by social services, union pensions, and sneaky handouts to the wealthy. Years of reckless spending and overpromising are letting the chickens come home to roost. 

Representative Suozzi understands that New York’s appeal is not only the lights of Time Square, Central Park, or the formerly bustling city streets but also the opportunity that a force like Wall Street provides the city. When Wall Street firms begin to bail on New York then the state’s political force begins to wane. The New York Democratic establishment has been trying to fend off competition for years, as Tablet Magazine’s Zaid Jilani notes. Jilani tweeted about how the Democratic machine is fighting off ranked-choice voting in hopes of maintaining the city’s one-party system. Jilani tweets further, “in one breadth these folks are going to denounce the GOP for restricting or undermining democracy and in a second breadth they are trying to maintain a political environment where only one party is viable.”

In sum, Representative Suozzi’s effort to shame and blacklist those “undermining New York” are not part of an effort to expose power. Instead, Suozzi’s actions are intended to cement his and his party’s power. This is to be expected given that Suozzi and his democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives barely held onto power in 2020. As Tucker Carlson famously says, “Almost everything the left says these days is projection. They accuse you of exactly what they’re doing.”   

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