New York Finalizing Plan to Send Some Illegal Immigrants and Ex-Convicts $20k Checks

New York Finalizing Plan to Send Some Illegal Immigrants and Ex-Convicts $20k Checks
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers are working on an “Excluded Workers Fund” that would give ex-convicts and illegal aliens more than $27,000 because they supposedly missed out on opportunities to work and get government cash during the coronavirus. Both groups were not eligible for the Federal stimulus or relief bills because either they were in jail last year or alternately because they’re foreigners who aren’t supposed to be in the country at all.

The amount of money that would go into this program is staggering.

Per Politico:

Recipients would retroactively receive $600 for each week they were unemployed from March 27 through July 31, 2020. They’d receive $300 for each week from Aug. 1, 2020 through Sept. 6, 2021.

Anybody who hasn’t worked for the duration of the pandemic would thus be eligible for an immediate payment of $20,700 and could eventually receive an additional $6,600 [for a total of $27,300]

Those figures match the enhanced unemployment benefits that most workers have been eligible for over the past year. Advocates have been pushing for a larger fund costing $3.5 billion, so that recipients can also receive funds matching state-level benefits.

Imagine living in New York, the state with the highest tax rate in America, and finding out they’re going to give $2 billion dollars of your money to ex-cons and illegal aliens. It’s easy to laugh at them until you remember that 100 billion dollars worth of your tax money was sent to New York in the last coronavirus relief bill. So, your tax dollars may not directly go into the program, but it has helped them become so flush with cash that they feel comfortable spending it on illegals and ex-cons.

Of course, they could also just cut taxes, pay off debt or add that money to a rainy day fund instead, but why should they when they assume we’ll always cut them another fat check any time they need it?

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