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New Yorkers Seek to Divide State to Distance Themselves from Liberal Policies

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A New York Republican Assemblyman introduced a bill to divide the state into three autonomous segments as a way to distance the state from the liberal policies he claims are dragging down the rest of the region.

The Washington Times reports, “…Republican assemblyman [David DePietro] went out on a limb last month by introducing a bill that would divide New York into three autonomous regions, each controlled by its own governors and legislatures. He argues that what works for New York City is dragging the rest of the state into economic oblivion.”

“Western New York, where I’m from, has the most population loss with 18- to 35-year-olds. Our kids are leaving the state in droves, the most anywhere in the country,” said DiPietro. “There’s no jobs. And New York City controls this.”

According to DePietro, New York City Democrats maintain a stranglehold on the state since they hold a majority of the seats in both the State Assembly and the State Senate.

“New York City controls everything,” he said.

The bill does not mean secession, however. Instead, New York would remain one state, but be divided into three regions: New York City and its boroughs, the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland and Westchester, and the rest of the state.

While critics claim the bill would cause the rest of New York to suffer financially, DePietro believes the region would thrive.

“Without New York City, the rest of this state will take off like a rocket,” he said. “We’ll control our own resources, we’ll control the unfunded mandates that come from Albany on education, welfare reform, taxation, everything’s that geared toward New York City.”

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