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Newest Migrant Caravan Grows to More Than 12,000 Members

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The migrant caravan that formed on January 15 in Honduras has now grown from 2,000 to over 12,000 members, according to Breitbart.

The caravan members are entering Mexico daily, forcing the country to expedite the process to approve humanitarian visas to enable migrants to work and travel legally while waiting for their U.S. asylum claims to be processed.

The visa program was established by newly elected Mexican President López Obrador in response to the caravan, however, according to the publication, the visas are “believed to be responsible for the surge in the number of migrants who decided to join the caravan.”

Breitbart reports:

Officials put the new visa policy from President López Obrador in place to deal with caravan migrants as an attempt to prevent them from traveling unaccounted for throughout Mexico. Officials say it will also prevent the caravan members from having to illegally enter Mexico from Guatemala by crossing the Suchiate river….

It is believed that many of the migrants will be able to seek out temporary work while waiting at the U.S. border for asylum requests to be processed. Many are expected to decide to attempt to cross illegally into the United States.

Many original members of this caravan appear to be looking for work, according to Reuters.

Twenty four-year-old caravan member Darwin Perez told the publication, “I’m determined to find a good job in the United States. It’s a difficult road ahead but I hope President Trump’s heart might soften, and that he won’t be so hard and will let us enter.”

Reuters writes, “Other migrants, some traveling with spouses and children, echoed Perez’s dream to find work in the United States.”

Photos by Getty Images

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