Football season is here, but will the fans show up? Colin Kaepernick has created quite a fiasco for the National Football League, one such a mediocre player should not have the power to do. Kaepernick turned the football field into a political picket line and fans wanted none of it. In the eyes of many football fans the NFL failed to control its players from “taking a stand” by taking a kneel, insulting our men and women in uniform and those that have lost their lives fighting for the freedom that gives Kaepernick and other kneelers the freedom to throw around a football and earn millions of dollars.

It seems the controversy may be catching up to the business of the National Football League. Although the NFL season has just started, fans and game attendees are plastering the internet with photos and videos of empty, sad looking stadiums. The twitter account “Empty Seats Galore” aka @EmptySeatsPics has been collecting photographs and retweeting fans’posts similar to this one, which has the caption: “mass exodus at MetLife…this organization stating with the ownership all the way to the bottom is pathetic.”

Advertisement has compiled a group of social media posts from stadiums around the country that show the bleak outlook for this year’s NFL season.