Redskins Will Rebrand As “Washington Football Team” For 2020 Season

Redskins Will Rebrand As “Washington Football Team” For 2020 Season

Beginning Thursday, the NFL franchise formerly known as the Redskins will officially call itself the “Washington Football Team,” while the team decides on a new permanent name.

According to ESPN, the team will continue the process of retiring the Redskins name and “hopes to be entirely rid of it on physical and digital spaces in the next 50 days, by the Sept. 13 regular-season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.”

The team, which changed its name due to it being a “derogatory” term for Native Americans, will still keep its signature colors of burgundy and gold, while the Native American logo on the helmet will be replaced by the players’ numbers.

ESPN notes that throughout the season, the team will be “seeking the feedback of players, alumni, fans, sponsors and the community for the team name it will use in the future.”

The retirement of the 87-year-old “racist” Redskins name to appease the woke Left will not make any Native American happier or safer.

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