NFL Jersey Sales for Trump-Supporter Nick Bosa Hit Top Five

NFL Jersey Sales for Trump-Supporter Nick Bosa Hit Top Five

On Monday, Outkick reported that the five top-selling NFL jerseys, in order, were, as of this morning, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Nick Bosa.

Outkick continues:

The first four are obvious: four of the biggest name QBs in the NFL. Then at five, Nick Bosa, a defensive end, enters. Bosa is a great player but far from the fifth-biggest draw — maybe on either side of the ball. Though, looking closer, his ranking made sense.

The NFL — and every other popular form of entertainment — is now aggressively political. Sunday’s top story came from the Ravens, who stood for the black national anthem but knelt for the national anthem. Presumably, the racist and divisive, as Clay Travis put it, act alienated another set of sports fans. Meaning: the ones left, which based on the NFL’s opening night and the NBA’s ratings, is a number fast dwindling. Vocal athletes are not merely political, they are left-wing partisans. As a result, it has forced right-wing sports fans to turn away and strengthen their support for conservatives. In comes Nick Bosa.

Over a year ago, Bosa was absurdly charged with the crime of supporting President Donald Trump. Bosa once said he was a “big fan” of Trump’s. Adding: “He brings a charisma that no other candidate has [had] in my lifetime.”

Bosa also called Colin Kaepernick a “clown.”

Who would’ve ever thought that pushing back against the Leftist politicization poisoning football would receive praise from Americans who don’t like being lectured to and called racists by overpaid athletes?

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