New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has proposed a 2,000% increase in the cost of firearms permits and carry licenses, according to the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner reports that “Under Murphy’s budget proposal, the firearm identification card will jump from $5 to $100, the owner’s permit will go up from $2 to $40, and the permit to carry, the largest increase, will go from $20 to $400. For all three licenses and permits, the price would increase by 2,000%”


The governor also wants an ammunition excise tax of 10% and firearms excise tax of 2.5%.

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In an interview, Murphy told the New York Times, “There’s no war on responsible gun owners. We can support the efforts of the attorney general, state troopers, county and local law enforcement, to do the stuff we need to do: track crime, track gun violence, combat trafficking of illegal guns.”

“I was in Jersey City,” he said. “It’s at least $10 to get a dog license in Jersey City. It’s still $2 to get a permit to purchase a firearm in New Jersey.”

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