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“Non-Binary” ESPN Writer Claims Men Do Not Have Biological Advantage Over Women In Sports

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 04/10/2024
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During an interview on CNN, “non-binary” ESPN writer Katie Barnes claimed men do not have a comparative advantage over women in sports in response to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics announcement Monday that male athletes are not allowed to compete in female sports.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Barnes if “studies support” the “narrative that transgender female athletes have an advantage, that they always win, that the reason that men and women generally compete in separate gender categories is because it's not particularly competitive for men to compete against women?”

According to Barnes, “the idea... that transgender women have an advantage in all sports at all times, regardless of any kind of medical transition" is not supported by "the scientific literature... at this time.”

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The ESPN writer explained that any advantage would depend on the sport or the individual, meaning male athletes as a whole do not generally have an advantage over female athletes. “[S]omething that might be appropriate for swimming does not necessarily apply to basketball when it comes to individual sports versus team sports as well as level of competition,” said Barnes. 

When Tapper asked Barnes if she would support “a rule that was more individual specific or sports specific,” Barnes wouldn’t say. Instead, Barnes seemed far more interested in reshaping society so that it simply accepts male athletes infiltrating female sports. “I think the real question is going to be what policy can withstand being tested and be accepted when a transgender woman does compete and win,” stated Barnes. 

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