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North Carolina County Bans Coke Vending Machines as Response to Company’s Ultra-Liberal Politics

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The commissioners in Surry County North Carolina have voted to ban Coca-Cola vending machines in all county buildings. This was in response to Coca-Cola’s vocal opposition to Georgia’s attempt to improve voter security. Surry County Commissioner Eddie Harris was behind the effort and he said:

“Yes, we are trying to cancel Coca-Cola. To use their tactics against them. The left-wing in America, they defund. They boycott. They cancel. They tear down statues. All sorts of egregious actions. The expectation from them is that the opposing political side will cower in the corner. We are supposed to accept that. It is supposed to be OK. It is not OK.”

Harris said the response to the boycott has been mostly positive and it’s worth noting that Coca-Cola Consolidated, a bottling company separate from Coca-Cola, has reached out to them to try to work through the issue. Instead of reaching out to them, Coca-Cola Consolidated should have been reaching out to Coca-Cola to tell them that making a public foray into politics could have business ramifications. It’s a little late to fix things now.

All-in-all, this is a good and healthy thing. Hopefully, it will spread all across the country — although, contrary to what Eddie Harris said, this is not real cancel culture. There have always been boycotts of corporations by people that disagreed with them. Along similar lines, there have always been people who have gotten in trouble for saying or doing offensive things. Some people have even been fired for it. The difference between that and cancel culture is like the difference between a tent and a strait-jacket.

A tent gives people a lot of room to move around. A straitjacket gives people none. Cancel culture says you’re not allowed to make jokes it disagrees with, you’re not allowed to express your opinion, and it’s so restrictive that there is very little room for independent thought. You’re just stuck being part of the miserable, “That’s not funny” hivemind forevermore. A free society cannot properly operate long-term under those constraints. Freedom is a messy business. Good for Surry county for choosing to use their freedom not to do business with a company that made a public point of crossing them politically.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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