NY Attorney General Plan Would Strip Mayor De Blasio’s Authority Over NYPD

NY Attorney General Plan Would Strip Mayor De Blasio’s Authority Over NYPD

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to cut $1 billion from the NYPD is already running into speed-bumps as the city witnesses a crime wave fueled by anti-police rhetoric and bad policy.

Compared to last year, shootings were up 205% in New York City from June 15 to July 2nd after the NYPD disbanded their anti-crime unit, a group of 600 officers tasked with preventing street crime. By the end of June robberies were up 32%, car theft 61%, and burglaries 18%.

De Blasio was scheduled to sign a package of police reform bills today, but even he had the common sense to halt that for now. He’ll undoubtably try to push for police reform again when/if crime falls back down to where it was before, but de Blasio’s behavior here is practically an admission that his reforms will increase crime. After all, if his police reforms would reduce crime, why wouldn’t he sign them today to combat the recent spike in crime?

The man has no clue what he’s doing on a whole host of issues, and crime is just the latest. On the issue of the police he’s found himself under fire from both sides – the right blasting him for being weak on crime – and the left because he allowed the NYPD to enforce the law against the recent “mostly peaceful” protesters (as the media calls them).

New York’s Attorney General wants de Blasio’s authority over the NYPD stripped over the latter.

As Fox News reports:

Recent protests in New York City have shaken the public’s faith in the city’s police department to the point where Mayor Bill de Blasio should no longer have authority in law enforcement matters, New York’s state attorney general said Wednesday. “I believe we need to bridge the undeniable divide between police and public,” Letitia James told reporters, according to The New York Times.

As part of her recommendations, James called for an independent panel – not de Blasio — to appoint the city’s police commissioner and oversee hirings and firings at the NYPD.

Prompting James’ report on the NYPD, and her subsequent recommendations, were a series of incidents that occurred during protests and rioting in the city that followed the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis

In one instance, an NYPD officer was seen on video shoving a young woman to the ground, resulting in her suffering a concussion. In another incident, a police officer was seen pulling down the mask of a protester before pepper-spraying him in the face. In a third incident, a police officer was seen waving a gun at a crowd after an object struck a fellow officer in the head.

James seems to have come to the correct conclusion (that de Blasio’s authority over the NYPD should be stripped) for the wrong reason – but I won’t be complaining if she succeeds.

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