NY DMVs Still Overwhelmed Weeks After Giving Illegals Licenses

NY DMVs Still Overwhelmed Weeks After Giving Illegals Licenses

New York became the thirteenth state to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses earlier this month, and there are an estimated million illegals in the Empire State. To “prove” their identity, illegals are allowed to provide expired work permits, foreign birth certificates, and even Border Crossing Cards (which are only valid for 72 hours for a stay in the U.S. near the border).

Photos and video from the day the new law took effect showed NY’s DMVs completely overwhelmed. Ironically it’s the same liberals who pushed for this policy who will tell you that voter ID is “racist” because some people can’t obtain photo ID.

The DMV takes long enough as is wherever you live, and adding a million people to those using its services is only bound to make things worse. So much worse that it’s now been over two weeks and the lines at NY’s DMVs are still stretching around the corner.

When will the lines finally die down? Considering the DMVs efficiency before the government expanded demand for their services by a million people, a good guess would be never.

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