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NYC Construction Worker To Biden: “F-uck You”

  • by:
  • Source: Bongino
  • 04/26/2024
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A New York City construction worker channeled the spirit of working-class America during an interview with a Newsmax reporter Thursday. “What’s your message to Joe Biden,” the reporter asked the unidentified man.

“F–k you,” the worker responded before walking away. 

The interview took place at a Manhattan work site where Donald Trump made a surprise visit Thursday. When asked if he was surprised to see Trump supporters in Manhattan as the former president enters his third day in the “hush money” trial, the man said “No, not at all. It’s turning now. It’s Trump’s turn again.”

Meanwhile, the Steamfitters Local 638 union head Bob Bartels said blue-collar union workers are moving away from Democrats and in support of Republicans over the illegal immigration crisis, soft-on-crime policies, and high taxes. 

“In the past, we are basically Democrats, all of us. And after what’s happened the last 4 years in this country, Democrats are basically pushing everybody to the other side,” Bartels told a Newsmax reporter. “We are tired of immigration, we are tired of our tax dollars going to immigration, we are tired of the crime, we need to put a handle back on things in this country.”

During a Fox News interview, Bartels added, “I put out a poll in my union. President Trump is leading Joe Biden 3 to 1 in my presidential poll out of my 9,000 members.”

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