NYC’s de Blasio Celebrates in Times Square After Telling People Not to Celebrate in Times Square

NYC’s de Blasio Celebrates in Times Square After Telling People Not to Celebrate in Times Square

Of all the changes we’re hoping to see in 2021 after a turbulent 2020, an end to Democrat hypocrisy certainly won’t be one of them.

While Times Square would’ve been packed in any other year, sometimes attracting over a million spectators to see the new year ushered in, it was a ghost town last night in the city hardest hit by coronavirus, where over 25,000 have died from it.

According to Reuters: “de Blasio and police officials have told New Yorkers and out-of-towners alike to stay away and watch pared-down festivities on television. A large contingent of police officers will barricade the area to prevent unauthorized people from gathering, aiming to prevent an event that could accelerate the spread of the virus in a city already struggling to contain it.”

“In 2021, we’re going to show people what it looks like to recover, to come back” he continued.

Some disregarded the advice – but not many, as was evident from the city being a ghost town. Police ended up allowing a few dozen people watch the ball drop live, but that was it.

Meanwhile, the NYC Mayor’s Office released video of de Blasio dancing in Times Square with his wife. “Happy New Year from the greatest city in the world” they wrote, with no self-awareness whatsoever.

So embarrassing was the incident that CNN’s Andy Cohen wouldn’t help but go off script to absolutely roast him in a rant that may or may not have been fueled by alcohol.

De Blasio follows a long list of exclusively Democrat politicians who have been caught ignoring their own coronavirus restrictions (though de Blasio just advertised it!).

As for the full list of coronavirus hypocrites, the Daily Caller’s Mary Margaret Olohan has a complete list (click the tweet for the full thread):

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