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NYPD Using Social Media ‘Sentiment Meters’ to Know how Safe Citizens Feel

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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With the continued pressure and illogical demands Democratic legislation puts on law enforcement, we may be at risk of future generations having no interest in becoming policemen. And we wouldn’t blame them. Liberal leadership has already proven to not have the backs of men and women in uniform in the public eye and media. When their policies follow suit as well, our streets become dangerous.

Instead of asking the question, particularly after a harrowing number of homicides on police officers this year, how safe do citizens feel, we should be asking our law enforcement how safe do they feel? Yet, it is still the brave men and women who continue to selflessly protect citizens.

The NYPD has “a new tool for making sure city residents feel safe” according to New York’s Local CBS affiliate. “Using social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google search – a company hired by the department gets up to 7,500 New Yorkers a month, from every borough, every precinct, every sector, to answer several questions.”

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said “this is a huge issue here. We can lay out all the crime numbers that we want, but unless people feel safe, we’re not doing our job entirely.” Questions on the ‘meter’ include:

How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?

Do the cops in my neighborhood treat local residents with respect?

Do the police in my neighborhood listen, take into account the concerns of local residents?

Commissioner O’Neil said he hopes the information will prove invaluable to precinct commanders who can tailor outreach and manpower to each individual sector.

Photos by Getty Images

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