NY’s Anti-Bail Reforms Help Free Alleged Murderer of Army Vet

NY’s Anti-Bail Reforms Help Free Alleged Murderer of Army Vet

New York’s anti-bail reforms were supposed to only eliminate bail for non-violent offenses, but that’s already proving to be a lie.

In October of 2018, 35-year-old Army veteran Hason Correa was fatally stabbed nine times in front of his dad in the lobby of the W. 152nd St. apartment building. Correa’s father was also stabbed, but survived. Four people were responsible for the crime; Mary Saunders (accused of grabbing and holding Correa as he attempted to flee), two men responsible for the physical stabbing, who are brothers of Saunders, and fourth person who chased Correa with Saunders when he did manage to flee. Correa’s mother said she believes the attackers were Bloods members retaliating over a scuffle earlier in the night that her son wasn’t part of.

Saunders initially faced charges of second-degree murder and $700,000 bail after her arrest, which she couldn’t post. Following NY’s new bail law, that bail was reduced to $12,000, and she’s now out. She had to surrender her passport, but incentives to flee or hide are high considering that she faces 25 years in jail.

Correa’s mother appeared on Pix 11’s Mary Murphy Files to discuss the miscarriage of justice. As she noted, both murder and first degree gang assault are supposed to be exempt from NY’s anti-bail law. Is there an exception for being “merely” an accessory to murder?  Under the new bail laws, the judge only could impose a bail on Saunders “that she could afford,” while in a sane world she would’ve been held without bail. The judge told Correa’s mother that her “hands were tied” and wants Saunders to stay in jail, but can’t.


NY’s anti-bail reforms have been backfiring catastrophically as soon as they’ve been implemented. How many more cases like this will there be before their lawmakers wake up?

Bail Wars: Her son, an Army veteran and a father of three, was stabbed to death in Harlem. Bail for the suspected attacker was just drastically slashed. The victim's mother is outraged. She's live on the 'Mary Murphy Files' now.Plus, a new development in the "Junior" case means the second trial will be delayed.

Posted by PIX 11 on Monday, January 6, 2020

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