October 5, 2018: Ep. 822 We Win, They Lose

October 5, 2018:  Ep. 822 We Win, They Lose

In this episode I address the troubling connections uncovered between the players in the Spygate scandal, and the legal team involved with Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. I also address the up vote for Brett Kavanaugh taken today. Finally, I address the suspicious withholding of congressional testimonies by Comey, Brennan, and Mike Rogers.

News Picks:

Why is the testimony of Brennan, Comey and Rogers being withheld?

Larry O’Connor’s piece addresses the severe backlash likely to develop as a result of the Democrats’ attacks on Kavanaugh.

Hollywood liberals are sniping at each other over Kavanaugh.

Were witnesses in the Kavanaugh case pressured to change their stories?

A suspicious death in the Spygate case.

Is China hacking our sensitive technology?

The jobless rate is at historic lows.

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