Of Course She Did: San Francisco Mayor Makes Pelosi’s Salon Hypocrisy About Trump

Of Course She Did: San Francisco Mayor Makes Pelosi’s Salon Hypocrisy About Trump

After Nancy Pelosi was spotted earlier this week violating California’s coronavirus lockdown edicts by having her hair done without a mask inside a salon, Americans were rightly outraged at her blatant hypocrisy, which was followed by her appalling demand for an apology from the owner for “setting her up.”

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed is siding with Pelosi, and is blaming President Trump for Pelosi’s actions and for California’s draconian restrictions.

Dismissing Pelosi’s violations of coronavirus restrictions, Breed said in a radio interview:

“So look, Nancy Pelosi has done so much for this city and even this country and in the midst of this pandemic and all the stuff that’s happening amidst this election, she is in Washington, D.C., fighting against a tyrant every single day.

“We need to be focused on the issues and the fact that over 180,000 people have died in this country and we have a president that continues to divide us.

“It’s really unfortunate with everything happening in this country, with the fact that we basically have a dictator in charge of running this country. And we have our Speaker Nancy Pelosi working day and night to fight against the challenges against the White House — she has spent her entire career working for this city and working for this country — it’s unfortunate that this conversation has blown up in the way that it has and distracted from the real issue.”

Pelosi’s gross elitist behavior is further evidence that she, along with the dictatorial Left, is willing to impose restrictions that puts individuals and businesses into economic turmoil, while making themselves exceptions to those rules. The audacity of these people to accuse President Trump of the behavior they are happy to display themselves further demonstrates why they can never be allowed near power.


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