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Oklahoma Judge Denies Request That Would’ve Forced Cancellation of Trump’s Tulsa Rally

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In what must have been the quickest narrative shift in media history, the news coverage quickly shifted from how anybody who dared leave their home or desired a haircut was a “grandma killer” to how everyone not out protesting in large crowds for Black Lives Matter was on the “wrong side of history.”

Prior to the protests, coronavirus dominated an incredible 88% of media coverage – but that fell down to 18% as protests raged on nationwide for two weeks, and prior concerns about social distancing magically disappeared.

Yet now that the mass protests have mostly subsided and it’s President Donald Trump who is going to hold a large gathering, the media has shifted back to the old narrative (and we assume things will stay that away until they can justify risking infection in favor of a cause they support).

In a last ditch effort to stop Trump’s rally in Tulsa this Saturday, lawyers Clark Brewster and Paul DeMuro filed a lawsuit Tuesday to force the BOK Center (where the rally is to be held) to use coronavirus safety measures that would’ve forced the rally to be cancelled. Not-at-all coincidentally, Brewer previously represented Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Trump.

And just like Stormy’s lawsuits, this one had just as much success. According to the Daily Wire:

An Oklahoma judge has denied a request that would have forced President Trump to cancel a re-election campaign planned for Tulsa on Saturday.

The judge denied the complainants request that rally goers wear mandatory face masks and practice other social distancing requirements.

Meghan Blood, a spokeswoman for the BOK Center, told Politico that the venue would adhere to the state’s regulations for events. Oklahoma currently lets business owners set their own social distancing rules.

“Government officials have advised that the campaign rally as planned is consistent with the guidance for the OURS [Open Up & Recover Safely] plan for entertainment venues, however, in the event that the governing authorities impose new restrictions, we will notify the event organizers immediately,” Blood said in a statement to Politico.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote on Twitter that rally attendees will undergo temperature checks and receive free face masks and hand sanitizer before entering the venue.

While Clark Brewster has a presence on Twitter where he has denounced Trump for holding a rally despite the risk of spreading coronavirus, he has a grand total of zero posts expressing the same concern at black lives matter protests.

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