OOPS: Biden Campaign Fooled Into Promoting Event on Epstein Property

OOPS: Biden Campaign Fooled Into Promoting Event on Epstein Property

It seems that every other day someone is making headlines for declaring that “Epstien didn’t kill himself” on live TV, and this time, the meme has entered the presidential race.

A 28-year old Bernie Sanders supporter named Gerald Doherty was behind the following prank, which he said was motivated by the mysterious circumstances of Epstein’s death falling out of the news cycle, and a desire to draw attention to Biden’s lack of grassroots support.

Fooling his campaign was relatively straightforward. As Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino reported:

Doherty, for his part, said he was surprised that what he termed a “joke” got so much local traction with the Biden campaign. He said he set up the fake invite by following the directions on Biden’s campaign website “toolkit” for “hosting events.” People looking to host Biden events are asked to fill out an application and “after it’s approved, you’ll be able to edit it, invite people and track who’s coming,” the instructions say. “If your event is public, it will be displayed on our website and could be emailed to supporters to your area.”

The event, in this case, was set to take place at 358 El Brillo Way in Palm Beach, the address of one of Epstein’s mansions where abuse was alleged to have occurred.

A photo of the promotional email can be seen below:

Despite any lack of grassroots support perceived by Doherty, Biden is currently leading the race according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

While Biden’s campaign obviously was unaware the location they were promoting, it does showcase a hilarious lack of due diligence from his campaign.

And given the kind of policies that Biden has been promoting on the campaign trail, that due diligence is clearly lacking in that area as well.

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