Oppression Olympics: Sen. Hirono Complains Term “Sexual Preference” Is Offensive

Oppression Olympics: Sen. Hirono Complains Term “Sexual Preference” Is Offensive

Democrats spent the second day of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings grasping for straws – a feat that Hawaii’s Senator Mazie Hirono came out on top at.

She first tried to pull a page out of the Kavanuagh playbook, and at one point during the hearing Hirono asked Barrett if she had ever sexually assaulted anyone.

When that line of attack predictably failed, she would later try to insert Twitter drama into the hearing.

Earlier in the day, dimwitted MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin “informed” the world that when Amy Coney Barrett used the term “sexual preference” at one point during the hearing, that was actually somehow offensive because it’s an “offensive and outdated” term. According to his logic, it’s offensive because it implies that sexuality is a choice. This logic makes no sense because there is no shortage of biologically wired behaviors that would predispose people to certain decisions or behaviors we describe as preference (such as having a preference for eating chocolate ice cream over vanilla).

And so scarce are legitimate criticisms of Amy Coney Barrett, that Sen. Hirono saw this as her best line of attack available and ran with it.

Amazingly, while Amy Coney Barrett isn’t yet a member of the Supreme Court, she’s already undone decades of legal precedent from the language police. Just over two weeks ago The Advocate, a “LGBTQ” news site, posted an article where they described a film that features characters “who are comfortable with no they are, no matter what their sexual preference is.” And yesterday, they hopped on the “the term sexual preference is offensive” bandwagon.


Perhaps they should be the first publication to “cancel” themselves. Or maybe they can just cancel Joe Biden, who used the same exact term in May to no outrage whatsoever.

In a more Orwellian feat, Webster’s dictionary literally changed the definition of the word “preference” yesterday to remove “sexual preference” as an example of a use of the word. Newspeak prevails.

This all raises an obvious question, is being as hysterical as Senate Democrats and the outrage mob a preference?

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