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“Our Country Is Being Destroyed” – Trump Blasts Biden’s Border Crisis

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The Biden border crisis is underway, and it’s clear that the administration has no idea how to stop it. That’s no surprise though, since it was their rhetoric and policies that encouraged it in the first place.

U.S. border agents detained nearly 100,000 migrants in February, an increase over 78,000 in January, and the highest tally for any February since 2006. Despite this reality, the administration isn’t even calling the border crisis a crisis. Press Secretary Psaski’s latest excuse for not describing the crisis as such was that she didn’t want to put “new labels” on the situation.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is calling it as it is, and just released the following statement:

“When I was President, our Southern border was in great shape – stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before. We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers. The wall, despite horrendous Democrat delays, would have easily been finished by now, and is working magnificently. Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!”

On Monday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas sent out an email asking DHS staff to volunteer to help deal with what he called an “overwhelming” number of migrants at the border. Just days prior in public he assured us all that there was no crisis at the border.

For as much as the Biden administration would like to pretend that everything is A-OK at the border, we now know that at least one member of his administration is aware of reality in private, as he pretends otherwise in public, and that’s likely the case for the rest of the administration too.

Matt Palumbo is the author of Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New York

Photos by Getty Images

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