Outrage After CBS Show Tweets Image with Words “Assassinate” and “Trump”

Outrage After CBS Show Tweets Image with Words “Assassinate” and “Trump”

CBS All-Access show, The Good Fight tweeted a disturbing image from one of its episodes featuring the words “assassinate,” “Trump” and “eliminate” “Mar-a-Lago.”

The image was of a list of “target words” used by NSA analysts on the show in an episode where one of its characters joins a female resistance group “tasked with dragging down Donald Trump’s approval ratings,” as Fox News points out.

The now-deleted tweet states “Hmmm… some of those target words look a little familiar. Did you catch any easter eggs in this scene from The One Where Diane Joins The Resistance,” along with an image of the list.

Fox News writes:

The tweet hit a nerve with some viewers not amused by the Trump reference. Some pledged to stop watching the show while others threatened to contact the authorities.

One user tweeted: “Yes, @CBS this is despicable to run subliminal messages encouraging the assassination of the president @realDonaldTrump I hope @SecretService investigates @thegoodfight thoroughly.”

Another shared : “You know I just reported this to the FBI. Thank you for breaking the law.”

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