Outrageous Video: Public Taunts Law Enforcement Fighting PA Gunman in 8 Hour Shootout

Outrageous Video: Public Taunts Law Enforcement Fighting PA Gunman in 8 Hour Shootout

Law enforcement has been met with such vitriol in the last few months that if our country does not wake up soon, no one will protect it. A movement of anti-cop rhetoric has been sweeping the nation, and it is starting with liberal politicians. They verbally attack border agents, drug enforcement agents and say police officers are guilty of abuse of power.

In New York City just weeks ago MULTIPLE videos emerged of citizens and even young children heckling and throwing buckets of water on the very police tasked to keep them safe. Police are now forced to be monitored 24/7 with bodycams and can pretty much expect any suspects or bystanders filming their every word and movement on their cell phones.

At what point will being under the microscope and fearing that a routine traffic stop could end their life make law enforcement want to throw their hands in the air and say “forget it.” Because frankly, I wouldn’t blame them. Aside from President Trump, and other conservative leadership, these brave men and women do not have backup. Democrats and the left are transparently anti-law enforcement and will always support the “victims” despite the circumstances.

The mountainous uphill battle that our law enforcement is currently facing is unequivocally clear in the below video. While officers, SWAT and negotiators endured an astounding eight hour standoff yesterday into early this morning with a known drug criminal, were heckled and taunted by locals and neighbors. There are no words to express the reality of the situation. Here you have cops who are risking their lives, their family’s livelihoods, their children’s future, and for what? For the very people who they are risking everything for. To the citizens of Philadelphia, how does this not get through your thick skulls. Who do you think you call when someone shoots at your family or breaks into your home or tries to sell your child drugs? There is only one word to describe these images: sickening. Wake up America.

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